Our Classes

The aim of meditation is to uncover the peace, joy and divinity that we all have within us. That is why, at the request of our teacher Sri Chinmoy, we do not charge for these classes – we are only helping you to discover what you already have.

Our classes cover a wide range of meditation techniques including mantra, focusing on the breath, creative visualisations as well as practical advice on setting up your own daily meditation routine. We also include performances of live spiritual music which people often find an easy way to meditate.

We do not offer drop-in sessions but rather a structured programme of 5 or 6 classes. In this way you can progress as part of a group. If you like our style of meditation and sincerely want to lead a more spiritual life then we offer continuation classes where we teach you more about Sri Chinmoy’s path.


Udasina Udasina
Udasina has taught meditation in Bristol for over 30 years. She founded the music group Shindhu, a female vocal and instrumental group that performs the music of Sri Chinmoy. They have produced a total of 9 CDs.
Suswara Suswara
Suswara has studied meditation under Sri Chinmoy for 23 years and is a keen singer. He is a member of the vocal and instrumental group Ananda that regularly performs in the UK.
Kokila Kokila
Kokila lives and works in Bristol and has been practising meditation for 23 years. She has given meditation classes in Bristol, Cardiff, Oxford and London as well as singing in concerts of Sri Chinmoy’s music in many different countries across the globe.
Garga Garga
Garga has been giving meditation classes for over 23 years. His interests include marathon running and triathlons. He has recently completed an Ironman. He maintains his own website: Sacred Steps


What do I need to bring?
Yourself! The beautiful thing about meditation is that this is all that is needed. However, it is preferable if you can shower, wear clean loose-fitting clothes and not eat a large meal beforehand.

Is this a religion?
No. Meditation is simply a technique we use to look within. It is something every human being can learn to do, regardless of their faith.

What is the Sri Chinmoy Centre?
The Sri Chinmoy Centre is an international group of individuals from all faiths and all walks of life who follow the path of meditation taught by Sri Chinmoy. It serves as a spiritual home for its members and is used regularly for meditation and other spiritually oriented activities. For more information on the Sri Chinmoy Centres see www.srichinmoycentre.org.

Are there any books on meditation you would like to recommend?
Yes, in the resources section of this website we list books, music and guided meditation exercises that can help you to meditate. These resources are all used in conjunction with our meditation classes.

How long do your meditation classes last?

Our classes are normally about one hour and a half in length – or a little less. Quite a large portion of that time is spent practising various meditation techniques. There is also a little theory, and some time to answer questions.

Do I have to be able to sit in the lotus position?

No. You can meditate well in a chair – as long as you are sitting upright.┬áIn our classes most people sit on a chair, but we do have some cushions if you prefer to sit on the floor. We do not recommend that you practise meditation lying down – as more often than not you will fall asleep!

I have never practised meditation before. Is that OK?

That is fine. Our meditation courses always start from the very beginning. However, if you have meditated before then it is all good practise!