candle_flame_21) Find a Space

First you need to find a space in your home where you will meditate. Try to use this space only for meditation. Make it beautiful and inspiring – you can use flowers, a candle, an inspiring photo of a beautiful scene or a spiritual figure. You can also burn incense to create a nice atmosphere. It should be like an inner sanctuary – so that you will want to keep coming back.

2) Find a time

Find a time when you will practice meditation. Early morning is the best time – just get up, have a quick wash or shower and then meditate before you start thinking about the day in front of you. If mornings are difficult for you then you can try to practice in the evening – but not just after a meal.

3) Start gently

At the beginning just try to meditate for 10 minutes or so. If you try and meditate for a long time at the beginning you will find that after a while you just get distracted and start thinking about something else. It is better to meditate for a short time in a focused way than to try and meditate for a long time with wandering thoughts.

hands_on_heart4) Techniques

You can try one of the exercises from the classes or some of those listed here. If you find that you are falling asleep then you can try chanting a mantra or an exercise where you have your eyes open.

5) Extending your Practice

You can extended your meditation by reading some spiritual books (or the handouts from the classes). You may also find it helpful to listen to spiritual music (especially if you can hear distracting noises).

The most important thing is regular practice at a regular time. Just as you wouldn’t miss a meal, feel that it is important not to miss a meditation session.

With regular practice, comes results…