Both individual and group meditation are important.

If we try to learn meditation on our own it can be a difficult task. We all experience ups and downs in meditation. However, if you are meditating on your own and it gets difficult then most people will give up.

When we meditate with a group, many people find it much easier. You are in a room that is just used for meditation and you are often guided through the exercise.

Just being in the presence of other people that are meditating helps. It is like a tug of war. When you are meditating on your own then you are pulling against ignorance on your own. However, when you meditate with a group of people then you are all pulling together. Naturally, you are going to find it easier.

This is why we feel that it is better to learn meditation by coming to our classes rather than teaching yourself at home.

However, regular daily individual meditation is also necessary so that you can make progress in your practice and increase your capacity.

Meditating with a group of people inspires you to continue your daily practice. Even if
you are finding meditation difficult at a particular time, there will be someone in the group that is doing well. They can inspire you – and another day you can inspire them!

So, both individual and group meditation can help us make progress.