We have found that people get the most out of meditation if they follow these tips. In fact, once you have learnt to concentrate and meditate well you will be able to use these tips to help you learn any skill.

1) Regularity

Try to meditate every day at the same time. You will make much more progress in your meditation if you do this. Feel that each time you meditate you are feeding your inner self. You would not miss a meal or let your body starve – so also try not to miss a meditation.

2) Slow and steady wins the race

To start off with just try to meditate for about 5-10 minutes. Do not try to do too much, too soon. It is better to make your meditation short and effective than long but with many thoughts running through your mind!

3) Expectation leads to frustration

When you meditate do not try to get a particular experience that you may have had before. Just try to be receptive to whatever experience the meditation wants to give you.

4) Don’t give up!

Even people that have been meditating for a long time experience ups and downs in their meditation. This is entirely normal so do not be disheartened if you feel that “nothing is happening”. Often when we meditate the changes are happening inside on a level that we may not be aware of yet.

5) Reading and Music

Reading the books of a spiritual teacher can tremendously help you in your meditation. By reading you will be inspired and uplifted by the meditative consciousness of the author. In fact, you can consider it as a form of meditation. The same is true of music that is played in a very high consciousness.

Now you know the principles it is time to practice!

“There are many things which are very easy with practice, but just because we do not practice them we do not get the results.”
– Sri Chinmoy