meditation-man-perfectionMeditation Book

This is used as our course book as it clearly and simply explains the principals of meditation. It is a very practical book containing many meditation exercises and Sri Chinmoy’s answers to questions about meditation practice. Recommended.

wings-of-joyThe Wings of Joy

The Wings of Joy in an inspirational book containing aphorisms, stories and prose to help guide us on our spiritual journey. Easy to read and dip into. Each chapter covers a different quality found in the spiritual life, such as love, humility, courage and faith and how to overcome negative qualities such as fear, anxiety and jealousy.


flute-musicFlute Music For Meditation

On this CD, Sri Chinmoy plays the flute while in a meditative consciousness. Its rich soothing tones will send you to the deepest abode of inner peace and harmony. This best-selling recording is an excellent aid to meditation and relaxation.

meditation-mantrasMeditation Mantras

These simple songs composed by Sri Chinmoy have been recorded by music group Ananda. We teach these mantras during our meditation classes. It is a very easy way to enter a meditative consciousness and many people find this very beneficial. You can download this CD free from the Ananda website so that you can learn the mantras and practice them at home.

meditation-exercisesGuided Meditation Exercises

Often people prefer to be guided through a meditation exercise when they practice meditation. There are some very good YouTube guided meditations compiled by students of Sri Chinmoy. You can also download some guided meditations from the Radio Sri Chinmoy website.

Meditation Class Handouts

You download here the handouts that we use in our introductory 6 week meditation course.
Class 1: Introduction to Meditation
Class 2: Mantras and Spiritual Music
Class 3: The Soul
Class 4: Aspiration
Class 5: The Spiritual Life
Class 6: The Spiritual Master