What is meditation?

Meditation is the art of stilling the mind, focusing inwards and discovering a deeper part of our being. Meditation is something natural and spontaneous – in fact you people have experienced something like meditation, perhaps when seeing a sunset or peaceful scene in nature. All it takes is practice and a little discipline – then you have started your journey to peace, happiness and fulfilment.

“When we meditate, we try to expand ourselves, like a bird spreading its wings. We try to expand our finite consciousness into the Universal Consciousness where there is no fear, jealousy or doubt but only joy, peace and divine power.”
– Sri Chinmoy

How do I meditate?

Meditation can be practised by anyone as we are all inherently spiritual beings. Although you can try to teach yourself, most people find it much easier to be guided through exercises during a meditation class. Meditation is something that should be felt and experienced – it is a practical subject rather than theoretical one. To find out more about meditation classes in Bristol please use our contact form.

“There is no stormy day in human life that cannot be changed into the brightest sunrise.”
– Sri Chinmoy